Stage: kwaliteitsbepaling en oogstmethoden in uienteelt (Dutch spoken)

Delphy arable farming northeast Netherlands has an internship assignment in onion cultivation this autumn 2024. With a focus on the influence of harvesting and storage on the quality of delivered onions.

The internship assignment

During the internship, you will be involved in a large-scale field study on quality determination and harvesting methods in onion cultivation. We definitely expect to find differences. Together, the following points are going to be relevant in the research:

  • Post-harvest quality determination(damage, tear offs, rot, Water skins, bare onions etc.);
  • Determination of storage losses;
  • Quality determination after storage(damage, tear skins, rot, Water skins, bare onions etc.);
  • Analysis of influence of different harvesting methods/machines on loss and quality;
  • Analysis of different storage methods on loss and quality;
  • Analysis of different storage regimes on loss and quality.

Required skills

  • Relevant education;
  • Analytical thinking skills and proficiency in data analysis;
  • Good communication skills and ability to cooperate effectively;
  • Independence and proactivity in performing tasks and posing research questions;
  • The research will run in the second half of 2024.


For questions about this internship assignment, please contact us at

About Delphy

With over 250 cultivation experts, Delphy is the knowledge company for entrepreneurs in all plant sectors, in the Netherlands and worldwide. Developing knowledge and making it applicable for our clients is in our DNA and forms the basis of the organisation. You will join Delphy’s experienced advisory team in Assen and its surroundings.