Delphy Academy

For professional and personal growth!

Have you recently started at Delphy as a consultant, researcher or project leader? Then join the Delphy Academy. This two-year Academy supports you as a starting professional in your career at Delphy. If you have just graduated or are starting your first or second job, you have a lot of knowledge. You are also motivated to make a difference in your field. That could be as an advisor in strawberries, potatoes or tomatoes, as a researcher setting up and supervising trials, as a project leader in international projects or as a crop engineer at Delphy Digital. Whatever role you fulfil within Delphy: there is a lot at stake and we expect a lot from you.

Work is more than knowledge of content

After an induction period, you will start working more and more independently. You are not only working as a content ‘expert’. This also includes acquiring new clients or projects, organising your work and managing yourself and your agenda. Delphy wants to facilitate you in this. You are the one at the helm and set the course. We challenge you to make it a successful journey with us!

What suits you and what do you need?

If you are going to develop yourself in a focused and conscious way for two years, it is important that this effort pays off. For you as a person and an employee, for our clients and for Delphy. In short, we find it important that you develop yourself in a sustainable way, which suits who you are and the role you fulfil within Delphy.

Learning and development is not just about acquiring new skills or competences and building on successes. There is also room to explore what stops you from achieving a certain goal in certain situations. Together with colleagues, for instance, you do peer review and can bring in your own dilemma or issue. You will also be personally coached and challenged and guided in other ways. Think, for instance, of colleague travel. The grower’s issue is central and you will discuss it together. After the meeting, you will receive feedback from your colleague: on the quality of your advice, your way of conducting meetings, the interaction between you and the client and commercial opportunities.

Gaining applicable knowledge

Fortunately, you don’t just learn from training and education. Most of what you learn is in practice, while at work. Also, conversations with colleagues, clients and managers have a lot of impact on us as people and as professionals. Everyone needs feedback and can sometimes use a completely different perspective on an issue. What you will discover is that the Academy provides for all the levels mentioned below and also links them together. As a result, you can immediately apply what you gain in insights into your daily practice.

Three components of the Delphy Academy

  • You as an expert: development of your expertise
  • You as a professional: competence development
  • You as a human being: personal development